Brand new cover art for my first full-length novel!

For this Friday update, I am head-over-heels excited to share the very first look at my first full-length novel coming out for pre-order on July 28th, 2020! This was a true labor of love and nothing feels as rewarding as hard work finally paying off in the end. It’s here! And I really really hope that you guys will like the final product as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Now I’m a Boston gal, through and through, don’t get me wrong. New Kids on the Block…The Boston Red Sox… my loyalty runs deep. However, I had a job where I was lucky enough to get to travel for my profession, and I have to say that New York City is one of the funnest, craziest, busiest places I got to visit. Something about any huge city, including Boston, has this enchanting, dizzying effects of being to polar opposite from one spot to another. You can visit a hundred times and still see something new or in a new light that steals your breath away.

So, Manhattan got into my blood just like Boston or Bangor or the Miramichi, and I still get homesick if I’m gone away for too long. I wanted to write something that made me think of best traits of New York which made me love it: fun, exciting, sexy, enchanting, and a little bit seedy. Hopefully, I managed to incorporate the soul of that into The Beauty Beneath with a steamy tale of two people finding each other in a mysterious way, and facing the world head on together.


Love means taking extreme measures.

Justin Turner, a young man with only one friend, a part-time job going nowhere, and living at home with his grandmother, needs money fast. He makes the hardest decision of his life—to walk into Eros Elites Services, Inc. and sell his body anonymously for the night at an astounding price. The only problem is, Justin’s never even been kissed before, let alone slept with someone else.

Adam Creed, the youngest of the infamous Creed family mafia, hides his darkest secret on his own skin. With his demons close at hand and his ruthless family keeping him on a short leash, Adam has spent his life avoiding true intimacy, so why does Eros’ sweet new thing with the most amazing laugh have him suddenly desperate for a real chance at love…just when he was about to make his escape?

If he wants a shot with Justin, things aren’t going to be easy. Between his controlling father, his dangerous brothers and a four-million-dollar cocaine deal, Adam must do whatever it takes…even if that includes finally revealing his scars and secrets buried deep beneath the surface.

Reader advisory: This book contains scenes of violence, sex work, and drug taking. There are references to the death of a parent and spousal abuse. This book contains Mafia crime and drug dealing.

General Release Date: 8th September 2020

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