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Book one in the Noir Nights series

Having a secret admirer can be deadly.

Ricky Morris, private investigator on New York’s elite Upper East Side, has forged a shady yet profitable life as a gumshoe for wealthy Manhattanites after burning the bridge to his law enforcement past. When women in the city are targeted by a sweet-toothed murderer in the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, the last thing Ricky expects is to be hired by the younger brother of the man who ruined his life.

Timothy Ward, young, fresh patrolman for the N.Y.P.D. who never thought he’d have to step outside the law, finds himself in desperate need of Ricky’s help when he fears his brother, James Ward, the Deputy Chief, could be behind the killing spree.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, both men will have to work in the shadows, putting their careers and lives on the line to get to the bottom of the murderer’s sickly sweet and cruel plans. That is, if the burning heat of undeniable—and very forbidden—lust between them doesn’t consume them in the flames of reckless desire first…

Reader advisory: This book contains period-typical attitudes including slurs. There are mentions of on-page gunplay, and a slow-burn between the main characters over the course of the series.



October 1943. Manhattan, New York.

Peter Corcoran has been a Friday night regular at the Starling Club for so long that he has his own seat at a back table. From here, he watches the battalion of stunning single ladies take turns dancing with the most handsome man in the whole establishment. That attractive man is not only his best friend but also his roommate—and it won’t be one of the drop-dead-gorgeous women who Daniel Bennet goes home with at the end of the night.

When the closed apartment door cuts off the rest of the world, Danny gives him the first of a series of burning kisses—kisses that never cease to shatter Peter’s universe. But the tiny, cynical voice in the back of his head has him doubting their strange, secret charade and wondering if their romance could ever be more than just an indulgence at the end of the week, when prying eyes aren’t looking…

Reader advisory: This book contains scenes of homophobia.



“Your heart may speak true,” the man said, “but that still changes nothing.”
“My heart?”
“Yes. I can hear it from all the way over here,” he explained. “If I were to lay my hand upon you again, I would be able to hear it as if it was whispering directly in my ear.”

Sven, a handsome young man living with his cousin in a quaint village deep in the woods, is in desperate need of help—of something that folks say only the secretive woman living at the top of the mountain’s path can provide for him. The only problem is, the woman isn’t just a hermit on the edge of town, but supposedly a witch—one who practices deals with the Devil and can perform miraculous feats because of it, but she’s Sven’s only hope.

His idea doesn’t go according to plan however when he walks straight into a trap, his throat at blade’s edge. There is no witch, but instead a young man, Darius, who moves like a shadow and threatens Sven at knife-point to leave. The pair of them reach a dark compromise; Darius will help, but only if Sven dares to assist him with his mysterious, supernatural ritual in the dead of night.

The tasks won’t be easy, or painless, but that won’t stop Sven from saving his cousin’s life. He’ll do whatever it takes. However, the more he gets to know Darius, the more he finds out about the curious, fascinating ability Darius has and the hardship he faces with his ritual. Darius’ secrets begin to unravel and the more they do, the more Sven can’t bring himself to leave…

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Book two in the Noir Nights series

From number-one fan to number-one threat.

Ricky Morris, ex-cop turned private investigator for the elite Manhattanites of New York’ s Upper East Side, came close to ending up on the slab when the St. Valentine’ s Day murderer had him staring point-blank down the barrel of their gun.

Thankfully, NYPD officer Timothy Ward was there to save his neck and bring the murderer down. While Ricky and Timothy proved they could work well together in the shadows, their undeniable and dangerous passion for each other is leading to a forbidden relationship— the kind that Ricky promised himself he would never get tangled up in again.

Breaking it off with Timothy is hard to do though, and Ricky finds himself needing his help once again in a new case. The most famous burlesque dancer in Manhattan, Ms. Faye Fontaine— the Parisian Princess— has been receiving letters from a secret admirer… increasingly sinister letters, and Ricky knows all too well how these things play out.

Will Ricky and Timothy be able to work together and find out whose obsession has become deadly, or will the rampant heat of their forbidden feelings bring them down in flames before they can save the girl?

Reader advisory: This book contains period-typical attitudes, including slurs, and toward casual sex (no condoms m/m). There is on-page gunplay, and slow-burn MCs over course of series.



From the Naughty or Nice? collection

What could be more festive than twelve kinky gifts for his unsuspecting new boyfriend?

Kit’s never celebrated Christmas quite like this before. His new boyfriend, Jake, has pulled out all the stops with not only a romantic Christmas Eve date at the astounding ice castle nightclub, but also gifting him a series of naughty, sexy Christmas gifts over the past ten nights. And things are only going to get more heated from here, because Jake’s been saving the best two gifts for last…

The next gift is something Kit has never dared imagine and he’ll have to dive head-first into a world that both scares and arouses him. Can he trust Jake and just let go, or will Jake’s twelve kinks of Christmas be too much holiday spirit for Kit to handle?



Love means taking extreme measures.

Justin Turner, a young man with only one friend, a part-time job going nowhere, and living at home with his grandmother, needs money fast. He makes the hardest decision of his life—to walk into Eros Elites Services, Inc. and sell his body anonymously for the night at an astounding price. The only problem is, Justin’s never even been kissed before, let alone slept with someone else.

Adam Creed, the youngest of the infamous Creed family mafia, hides his darkest secret on his own skin. With his demons close at hand and his ruthless family keeping him on a short leash, Adam has spent his life avoiding true intimacy, so why does Eros’ sweet new thing with the most amazing laugh have him suddenly desperate for a real chance at love…just when he was about to make his escape?

If he wants a shot with Justin, things aren’t going to be easy. Between his controlling father, his dangerous brothers and a four-million-dollar cocaine deal, Adam must do whatever it takes…even if that includes finally revealing his scars and secrets buried deep beneath the surface.

Reader advisory: This book contains scenes of violence, sex work, and drug taking. There are references to the death of a parent and spousal abuse. This book contains Mafia crime and drug dealing.


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