Starling’s Again Available Now!

Hooray!!!~* It’s finally here! My very first published release is out today and I’m popping a bottle of champagne to celebrate! Starling’s Again is a sexy short story based in 1943 Manhattan, New York. I wrote this one immediately after finishing the manuscript for my full-length novel, The Beauty Beneath (which by the way, is also now available for pre-order starting TODAY!) While this story may be short and sweet (oh, and definitely sexy too, of course ;D) I hope that it’ll give readers a taste for what else I’ve got on the way. From start to finish, it took a whole year to get Starling’s Again here, and I am over the moon and roaring to keep the steamy romances coming! So, if you can spare the $0.99, why not check it out?



October 1943. Manhattan, New York.

Peter Corcoran has been a Friday night regular at the Starling Club for so long that he has his own seat at a back table. From here, he watches the battalion of stunning single ladies take turns dancing with the most handsome man in the whole establishment. That attractive man is not only his best friend but also his roommate—and it won’t be one of the drop-dead-gorgeous women who Daniel Bennet goes home with at the end of the night.

When the closed apartment door cuts off the rest of the world, Danny gives him the first of a series of burning kisses—kisses that never cease to shatter Peter’s universe. But the tiny, cynical voice in the back of his head has him doubting their strange, secret charade and wondering if their romance could ever be more than just an indulgence at the end of the week, when prying eyes aren’t looking…

You can buy Starling’s Again for only $0.99 at these (and other) online book retailers:

Here on Amazon

Here on Barnes and Noble

Here on Kobo

Here on Pride Publishing

Here on First for Romance

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