IT’S FINALLY HERE!!! I’m so very excited to announce that my first full-length novel, The Beauty Beneath, is out today in both eBook and paperback! 2018 was a rough and terrible year for me, but on January 1st, 2019, I started working on this story with a goal in mind to write something that was officially novel length (which seemed like a LOT to write at the time). After five and a half months, I had a manuscript that was 98,000 words and I had no idea where to go from there. I sent it around, got a few rejections, but then I submitted my short story Starling’s Again to Pride Publishing and to my surprise they took it! So, I figured with a foot in the door, I might as well send them The Beauty Beneath even though I was terrified it would be the same song and dance all over again.

My editor, Rebecca Fairfax (Check out her books too!) and I went back and forth discussing it for a while, but then finally on December 24th, 2019, on Christmas Eve, I received a contract from Totally Entwined Group and Pride Publishing. They took it, and I couldn’t believe that my story was finally going to be out in the world!

So 21 months later, after painfully long hours, cramp-y wrists and carpal tunnel, and too many sleepless nights to count, The Beauty Beneath is finally out and I hope that if you decide to pick it up, that you enjoy reading it as much as I loved writing it. ❤


Book Description:

Love means taking extreme measures.

Justin Turner, a young man with only one friend, a part-time job going nowhere, and living at home with his grandmother, needs money fast. He makes the hardest decision of his life—to walk into Eros Elites Services, Inc. and sell his body anonymously for the night at an astounding price. The only problem is, Justin’s never even been kissed before, let alone slept with someone else.

Adam Creed, the youngest of the infamous Creed family mafia, hides his darkest secret on his own skin. With his demons close at hand and his ruthless family keeping him on a short leash, Adam has spent his life avoiding true intimacy, so why does Eros’ sweet new thing with the most amazing laugh have him suddenly desperate for a real chance at love…just when he was about to make his escape?

If he wants a shot with Justin, things aren’t going to be easy. Between his controlling father, his dangerous brothers and a four-million-dollar cocaine deal, Adam must do whatever it takes…even if that includes finally revealing his scars and secrets buried deep beneath the surface.

Reader advisory: This book contains scenes of violence, sex work, and drug taking. There are references to the death of a parent and spousal abuse. This book contains Mafia crime and drug dealing.

You can find The Beauty Beneath for only $5.99 (eBook) or $14.49 (paperback) online here:

Amazon ==> Click HERE
Barnes and Noble ==> Click HERE
Kobo ==> Click HERE
Pride Publishing ==> Click HERE
First for Romance ==> Click HERE

Photo by Kosta Bratsos. I love Manhattan so much, and I included this exact intersection into the book. Times Square, Manhattan, New York.

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