A Bio About Myself…

My name is Aver Rigsly and I was born and raised in the Boston, Massachusetts area. I’m a part-time travel agent and LGBTQA+ romance author. When I’m not working a trip or obsessively writing about two boys desperately in love with each other, I spend my free time doing needlepoint like a ninety-year-old Nana, playing farming video games to channel the 1930’s farmhand I had to be in another life, or watching anything with Gordon Ramsay in it or from the haunted mind of Stephen King.

My writing journey has just begun though, and there’s been a fire roaring under my butt to push me with one goal after another, which started this whirlwind of an adventure I’m on now. Early summer of 2018 I finally caved and did what I now do happily with a long sigh. I was sick and tired of searching and searching through hundreds of stories without finding that special one that I had been looking for. So with a heavy sigh to brace myself, I starting writing my own story.

While I had enjoyed writing in high school and even dabbled a little here and there in university, I had never really done anything just for myself and not as an assignment. The thing was, once I started and finished the first short story, I was hooked. Before 2018 was over, I had written and gotten some feedback on 15 different short stories that I had written; 154,512 words in total.

That seemed like an insane number to me. I remember laboring through Printmaking and Asian Studies essays into the middle of the night. I remember being forced in high school English class to write a poem that would be read in front of the whole class. But writing now–for myself first and then excitedly for other people afterwards–became a very satisfying addiction.

So in December of 2018, I finished the last short story I had been working on and I made it my New Years resolution to write a full length novel (one story of 100,000 words) before the year 2019 was over. On January 1st, I poured everything I had into writing something could be considered a “real novel”. I gave myself writer’s cramp more times that I could count, went through three notebooks outlining and writing the whole damn thing by hand (the best way I found I could write at a pace that my brain also functioned), and even fell into another addiction: collecting fountain pens…

Finally on May 25th, I finished the first draft. Over the next three months I edited it (painfully multiple times) and sent it out to the first publisher… who of course said no. I understood the subjectivity of it though and refused to let it get me down. Well, at least a lot. But I took another look at it, and of course it did need a lot of work still, but I sent it out again where now at the end of November, I am still patiently waiting to hear its fate.

What surprised me out of the blue was when I received an email saying that my short story–the only ten-thousand word story that I wrote immediately after finishing the novel to give my weary head a rest–had actually been read and LIKED! by a different publisher altogether while I had been so patiently waiting on the novel. I had completely forgotten it to be honest and suddenly there I was, brushing my teeth and checking my phone first thing in the morning and there was the acceptance email!

The thing is now that I’ve gotten a taste for it, there’s no way I want to stop. I want to publish a full-length romance novel. I want to keep writing everyday, to keep striving to push myself and my strength in writing, and I want to bring works out into the world that maybe someone else will find something that was lacking for them as well. Maybe something they didn’t even know they wanted until it was finally right in front of them to explore.

Thanks so much for reading,

Aver Rigsly

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